[he yi]?[he yi]!The Chinese word [he yi], can be read both as a question and an answer of an idea.

We believe it’s the question that separates style from essence. At HEYi, we start from questions, and constantly polish thoughts and expressions to find that moment when everything clicks. A good answer means good thinking: an idea at the heart of each project.

That’s what HEYi is all about: great ideas in design. With minimal explanation. Because the best ideas need nothing more.

Founder / Design Principal

Liping LIN,Master of Architecture, TU Delft, the Netherlands; Bachelor of architecture, Tongji University; Dutch registered architect. Ms. LIN has worked overseas for many years, with working experience in NL Architects, Kuehn Malvezzi Architects, and WOHA, which enables her to own international vision and keen sense of design. 



何意[he yi]?合意[he yi]!:这是HEYi名字的由来。




林丽萍,荷兰代尔夫特理工大学建筑学硕士,上海同济大学建筑学学士,荷兰注册建筑师。在海外工作与生活多年,曾就职于荷兰NL Architects,德国Kuehn Malvezzi Architects,新加坡WOHA,并参与过众多不同类型的设计项目,丰富的设计实践使HEYi具有国际化的视野和敏锐的设计感知力。